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Vielight X-Plus


$749 from Vielight
 per serving)

Designed initially as an add-on for the Neuro, the Vielight X-Plus combines the Vielight 633 Red device with a versatile 810nm module. Its design and flexibility enables delivery of photobiomodulation (PBM) to a variety of areas not already covered by other Vielight devices.Engineered for versatility, it comes with a powerful 810 nm LED module (NIR) attached to a flexible stainless steel band. This modern design allows for easy delivery of near infrared (NIR) light to various brain areas (primarily posterior), as well as other body areas.Additionally, the X-Plus comes with its own 633 nm intranasal applicator for systemic photobiomodulation. The 633 nm wavelength of the intranasal applicator complements the Neuro’s 810 nm wavelength.

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