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Get PersonalizedHealth RecommendationsBased on Your DNANAVIGATIONPersonalized Genetics BlogWellness ReportsFeaturesPricingFAQAboutLogin Meet David!Get PersonalizedHealth RecommendationsBased on Your DNAMake informed decisions about how to improve your health based on your genetic predispositions.100% based on science and clinical expertiseWe never sell your data We support files from 23andMe, Ancestry, My Heritage, and more!Are you a health professional?SEE OUR HEALTH PRACTITIONER PLANCreated by SelfHackedas featured on: Scientific American ctv-news Yahoo ITV PBS Observer StatHOW THIS WORKSOrder your DNA kit1Collect your sample and mail it in to the lab2Enter your symptoms and conditions into SelfDecode’s symptoms analyzer while you wait3Track your kit progress4Unlock your DNA results and genetic insights5How we helped people transform their livesWe are helping thousands of people live better lives every day.Find out why our users trust us.- ROBINVery concise but thorough analysis on topics most doctors won't talk about although a number of studies are out there.- JESSICA- DAVIDSelfDecode is a extensive information resource that doesn't "dumb down" technical information, yet makes available information in a highly readable and comprehensive way. SelfDecode cross references in such a way that any potential inquiry can provide insights I haven't seen available anywhere else.- JOHN- SARAHI love being able to access this information on my terms. No doctor has this detailed information.I can study and try new things and check results. Very grateful for the ability to access this information.- TRUDYDiscover your health hacks with SelfDecode’scutting-edge tools

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