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Neuro Alpha


$1749 from Vielight
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The Vielight Neuro Alpha is a powerful brain photobiomodulation (PBM) device. It is one of two next-generation near infrared (NIR) wearable devices, suitable for use at home.The Neuro Alpha pulses light at the 10 Hz frequency. This frequency is similar to neural alpha waves. Alpha waves are correlated with the brain’s resting state, offering support for mental coordination, mindfulness and learning.The patented combination of transcranial and intranasal stimulation makes the Neuro Alpha ideal for comprehensive brain photobiomodulation, by simultaneously stimulating the ventral and cortical brain areas.Powerful yet simple, the Vielight Neuro Alpha features microchip-boosted transcranial LED diodes, which generate sufficient power to penetrate the skull (Link). Furthermore, the Neuro Alpha’s refined form factor allows it to fit a wider variety of head shapes and sizes.At present, our engineering team is able to extract one of the highest amounts of power in the world from a near infrared LED energy source.The controller is rechargeable and dual-voltage (suitable for 120V / for 220V power grids).

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