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Our innovative and uniquely balanced formula is designed to help you elevate your life with improved clarity, focus and energy. Just add it to water for a great tasting, zero calorie drink, and take advantage of our key ingredients: Cognizin® Improves AttentionOur main ingredient Cognizin is a patented, branded form of Citicoline, a natural nutrient found in every cell of the body and vital to brain health. Cognizin has been clinically tested to help with the production of energy your brain needs to stay sharp.* Ornithine Reduces FatigueOrnithine is an amino acid that stimulates the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fat helping to release stored energy. It also reduces ammonia therefore enhancing focus and thinking speeds.* Caffeine Increases EnergyOf course Caffeine gives you energy, but our combination of Natural Caffeine and Ornithine packs even more stamina, concentration and physical endurance boosting benefits.* Vitamin E Decreases StressVitamin E exerts antioxidant properties which help to combat stress naturally. One serving of INVIA provides more than the recommended daily intake for Vitamin E helping you face your day with ease.

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