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Edison Amber Light Bulb (low blue light)


$16.99 from FadimiKoo
 per serving)
6 pack

This is my preferred bulb choice these days. Love their vintage style and amber warmth. This A19 vintage edison light bulb with squirrel cage style filament, Amber glass, create to create classic atmosphere, fantastic for decorative lighting, standard (Medium) base E26 fit all home lighting fixtureA19 old fashioned Edison Bulbs 60 watt are exactly like a traditional Edison teardrop shape with warm glow allow you to perfectly light any space which will be the perfect piece for adding a timeless charm to your houseDesigned in Edison vintage style appearance, suitable for home or commercial decoration, indoor or outdoor, such as chandeliers, pendant lighting, wall sconces, use at kitchen, living room, bedroom, restaurant to create warm and intimate lighting

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