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Empowering People in a Passion Based Economy

August 1, 2019
Podcast Summary
Futurism. Citizen-driven science. Passion Based Economy.
Episode Notes

Zenka (@hellozenka) is a futurist and Founder of Triple Smart Labs. She specializes in social and metaverse architecture. She works as an advocate for free tools and “plumbing” which can elucidate (and cushion) our shift in consciousness.What we discuss with Zenka:- The role of futurism and exponential change in our culture.- How Triple Smart Labs empowers the individual through decentralized citizen-driven science and human centered design.- Passion Based Economy as a flavor of UBI that pays people to solve problems they’re passionate about.- Why you should listen to your inner voice and follow your passion - because the world wants what you have to give.- The potential of the metaverse and the mirror world to change the way we work and connect through mixed reality.- Simulation theory, synchronicities, and how our subconscious projects our learning environment.