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How Storytelling Affects Climate Policy

Nathan Walworth
July 16, 2019
Podcast Summary
Climate policy. AI. Festival culture.
Episode Notes

Nathan Walworth (@dr.nate.dogg) is a climate scientist and researcher at USC, the Co-Founder of regenerative lifestyle company Covalence, and the Co-Founder of the NEXUS Futurism Working Group.What we discuss with Nathan Walworth:- Our responsibility to raise AI algorithms like our virtual children.- How we can bridge the digital divide with adaptive learning & AI.- What a degrowth economy could look like.- Evolution of festival culture (e.g. Lightning in a Bottle) as a reflection of the evolution of consciousness.- How storytelling and marketing affects climate policy.- Fashion as a mating call that drives materialism and perpetuates climate change.- The ethics of synthetic biology (e.g. creating artificial meat) in the context of the GMO vs organic debate.