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Trump Killed VR

Jeremy Welt
October 10, 2019
Podcast Summary
Consumerist culture. Music industry. Trump.
Episode Notes

From Dr. Dre to Diddy, Warner Bros to Walmart, Jeremy Welt (@jblogg) has devoted the last two decades to work that’s revolutionized the way media is created, consumed, and monetized. CMO at virtual concert startup Wave, Jeremy and I explore the effects hyper capitalism has had on younger generations, and attempt to see beyond the duality of red vs blue in politics. What we discuss with Jeremy:- What his experience working with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg taught him about the value of hard work.- The challenges Gen Z teens have navigating a polluted mental landscape on HBO's "Euphoria".- With its emphasis on self-motivated and experiential learning, the effects of attending a Montessori school on the way he thinks.- Considering the impact of Trump’s presidency on the need for virtual reality when the world is already so crazy.- The parallels between Facebook’s metaverse and the “consumerist simulation” we’re already living in.- The neuropsychology behind why memes, fake news, and social media have weakened our ability to make sense of reality.- How meditation can help transcend emotional reactivity.