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VR & the Illusion of Separation

James Jensen
May 17, 2020
Podcast Summary
Immersive technology. Reality. LBE.
Episode Notes

James Jensen (@jimason3d) is Co-Founder of The Void & Sensync, two location-based VR phenomenons that merge the physical world with the virtual world through multisensory technical wizardry. Watch the video podcast here.

What we discuss with James:

- What VR reveals about our interconnectedness and the illusion of separation.

- The relationship between VR, memory, and dreaming.

- Behind the scenes of The Void's multi-sensory Ghostbuster's VR experience.

- The opportunity for immersive technology to create transformative experiences outside the headset.

- How Sensync improves mental health through biofeedback, spatial audio, scent, vibroacoustics, proprioception, wind, and temperature.