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Transcending the Climate Crisis

Debriana Berlin
March 25, 2020
Podcast Summary
Climage Change. Yoga. Meditation.
Episode Notes

Serial entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and activist Debriana Berlin (@hellodebriana) has been on the frontlines of the climate crisis for multiple decades. As the EPA’s Director of Special Projects during the Obama era, she helped form our government's strategy to address climate change and worked with companies to reduce greenhouse emissions. In today's episode, we learn about the Museum of Earth: an immersive experiential popup designed to help us reconnect with nature.What we discuss with Debriana:- Insight into the challenges of working for the government, and the disconnect between Washington DC and the reality on the ground.- Corporate greenwashing and how corporations are largely at fault for the destruction of our environment.- How circular design can create a world without waste.- The potential for yoga and meditation to transform the mental health of politicians and diplomats.- Leveraging technology to help reforest the Amazon and reduce food waste in Santa Monica.