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Higher States of Consciousness & the Purpose of Life

Alan Steinfeld
February 17, 2019
Podcast Summary
Channeling. Past lives. Out of body experiences.
Episode Notes

For over 20 years, Alan Steinfeld (@NewRealities) has interviewed thousands of influential people like Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza, Alex Grey, and Paul Selig on his show "New Realities". A writer, producer, and speaker in the fields of human potential, metaphysics, and spiritual awakening, Alan has introduced higher states of consciousness to millions of people.What we discuss with Alan:- The deeper truths of why we're here and the purpose of life.- What past lives can teach us about developing compassion.- Tapping into our higher mind through out of body experiences and channeling.- Entering altered states of consciousness to disconnect from drama and remember our true identity as the observer of thoughts.- Giving up our identification with thought and releasing cultural programming to expand our sense of possibility.- UFO / abduction experiences and the critical difference between believing and knowing.