A Life Economy

Upgrade Your Life

A Life Economy is a podcast and product directory that explores where technology, spirituality, and consciousness converge to create a beautiful world.
Topics include:
• New Economies (RBE, UBI, Ubuntu, MMT, Blockchain)
• Conscious Activism (income inequality, predatory capitalism, neoliberalism, American imperialism, globalism)
• Spiritual Technology (meditation, occult, esotericism, magick, qi gong, philosophy)
• Visionary Art & Culture (sacred geometry, psychedelics, shamanism, ancient civilizations, cosmometry, ancient history)
• Hacking Reality (lucid dreaming, synchronicity, OBE, NDE, quantum physics, astral travel, expanding consciousness)
• Optimal Health (Sustainability, biomimcry, permaculture, ayurveda, nootropics)• Ephemeralization (automation, AI, exponential & immersive technology)

Created by

Cosmo Scharf
Cosmo is an Entrepreneur, Futurist, and Product Designer fascinated with how we can evolve consciousness to create a vibrant world that works for everyone. He co-founded VRLA, the world's largest immersive technology expo, as well as Mindshow, a VR production company that democratized the creation of 3D animation. He's currently focused on how we can create positive change outside the headset.
Summer Perry
A people person; passionate about the health sciences and technologies. Empathetic with superior written and verbal skills. Flourishes on a team. Led the launch of the most profitable virtual reality entertainment lounge in the Western Hemisphere.